We always encourage riders where ever you are to take a ride out to The Motorbike Hut in Sandbach, Cheshire. You will always be welcomed with a warm cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Whether you are seriously looking for a bike I=at this moment in time or as a biker myself I always feel it is good to have a destination for your ride so just come and have a browse to get ideas for future years.

We have a very relaxed showroom here in Sandbach with Kawasaki motorbikes, Suzuki Motorbikes, Yamaha Motorbikes, Honda Motorbikes and Aprilla to name but a few. We welcome our customers to have a sit on our bikes to make sure they suit their riding position.

If we have not got the right bike in stock be sure that our staff will find the right bike as we purchase and deliver motorbikes from all over the country.

We look forward to offering you a very warm welcome through 2018.

The Motorbike Hut.